Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery Terminology

Below is a list of all the possible tree surgery needs a customer may have.

  • Tree Removal

Whilst we consider tree removal as the last resort, often there is no other alternative, we carefully remove the tree in sections or fell the tree if possible. We have the latest rigging equipment and training to ensure you get the very best and removal.

  • Crown Thinning

A well proportioned tree with a lovely shape that blocks out all the light isn’t nice, thinning will maintain that lovely shape but by selectively removing the secondary branches, lets a lot more light through without changing the shape of the tree.

  • Crown Reduction

A complete reduction of the size of the tree by selectively removing the outer crown branches back to growing points to produce a smaller sized canopy whilst maintaining the shape of the tree.

  • Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches to lift the crown height. This often used to provide clearance for pedestrians or buildings. This is normally achieved by removing the lowest branches, of the crown, to a specified height.

  • Crown Pollarding

Removing a substantial amount of the tree crown to the main trunks – provides long lasting access or sunlight without removing the tree completely. This is not a recommended approach to tree care.

  • Dead Wooding

The safe removal of dead branches that are likely to snap and fall out, possibly damaging property or people.

  • Hedge Trimming

Hedges of any size can be trimmed to your requirements.

  • Stump Grinding

We use the very latest compact stump grinders, that easily grind away at any size tree stump. We only need a minimum access of 36 inches/ 3 foot.

  • Site Clearance

Removal of trees and shrubs from field land or allocated construction sites – provides access for future construction and compliant with legal wildlife protection schemes.

  • Split Fire Wood

No need to find wood for the winter this year, we split, season and deliver them to you!